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Science and knowledge transfer to guarantee food production

Science and knowledge transfer to guarantee food production

Farmers and ranchers from all over Spain have met in a meeting organized by Editorial Agrícola and Redpac and have made known their sustainable practices when working with the soil, to keep them alive and be able to guarantee production food.

Their experiences have been presented by representatives of extensible pig, sheep and cattle farming, who have highlighted the importance of caring for the soil so that the land remains alive in the long term and can continue generating food , the need to adapt to changes and the circumstances of each moment, and to achieve economic sustainability so that the system is viable.

Precisely representatives of extensive sheep and beef cattle farming carry out transhumance with their livestock, which allows the animals to eat and leave the soil clean, in addition to not depleting the resources of a site by being on the move.

For these ranchers, the CAP does not compensate for all the effort they make.

One of the final conclusions was that new techniques must be incorporated, and for this, science and the transfer of knowledge are very important.